ACE Enterprizes is an independent audio and video production company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that provides cost-effective audio and video production and post-production solutions for our individual, small business and corporate clients in the Midwest, across the country and abroad.
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Creator & Director of ACE Enterprizes
Cinematographer | Editor | Motion Designer

With a passion for film that started when he was fifteen Gabriel spent much of his free time studying filmmaking, writing, and creating school videos with the analog video equipment he had access to. Upon graduation his plan was to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film, however everything changed when the first digital video camera hit the market in 1995.

A few years later Gabriel purchased his first video camera and an iMac DV Special Edition, which allowed him to shoot and edit little art films and eventually co-direct and produce “The Gluttonator,” a 40-minute parody of The Terminator, released in 2005. The quality wasn’t great —there was no professional audio or lighting gear and high definition video didn’t even exist yet— but it was an incredible experience and an important step in his storytelling education.

After getting married in 2008 his wife, Elizabeth, encouraged him to pursue video production as a career. He promptly bought Final Cut Studio, studied like crazy, and was Apple Pro certified in Final Cut Pro 7. A few months later Apple killed Final Cut Studio and released Final Cut Pro X. This was a lesson in how quickly this industry can change, and how important it is to be flexible and adapt.

Gabriel’s first paid freelance gig was a series of animated titles for a law firm —he taught himself how to create motion graphics virtually overnight. A few small projects later he landed a big job shooting, editing, and creating motion graphics for a local upstart company, the first of many ongoing professional relationships to come.

His work on that job shortly after got him hired as Lead Editor at a local production company, his first time working with a team of video professionals. Within a few weeks he taught himself how to use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, and quickly went to work streamlining their workflow.

In 2012 Gabriel left that job and immediately founded ACE Enterprizes, which allowed him to interface directly with his clients, build and maintain professional relationships, and exercise full creative control over his work.

Gabriel is heavily involved in the online video editing community and having twice attended the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino has developed wonderful relationships with editors all over the world. He is the creator and co-host of the YouTube channel GET A GRIP, covering all things production and post.

Audio Producer | Composer | AV Engineer

Erik Molstad is an audio engineer and composer able to provide audio post-production, multi-track recording, mixing, sound design, and original music composition/performance for videos, software, albums, radio, and more. He is a Wisconsin native who has been heavily involved with audio and music from a young age.

Trained at the Recording Workshop, Erik is a WAMI-nominated musician and award-winning remixer. He also holds degrees in Information Technology and can advise on how to integrate your a/v systems with your network to increase scalability and implement best methods for video conferencing, live events, storing data, planning backups and maximizing network stability.

Most important to Erik is that he helps realize the client’s vision while maintaining the scope and timeframe of the project. All creative and technical decisions serve those goals.