Our audio services are not limited to our own video productions. If you are in need of a professional sound recordist for your own production just let us know! We’re all in this together, and we’d be thrilled to work with you to elevate the quality of your project.

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Audio. In all its forms.

As a comprehensive digital media company, we offer an array of audio services for videos, films, advertising, albums, podcasting, and A/V systems. Let us help you bring your projects to life with high-quality sound.


The importance of clear, well-balanced and impactful audio cannot be overstated. After the hard work you’ve put into creating content and delivering or performing it, you want the audience to enjoy every moment and receive your message.

Let us capture sound through expert mic choice and placement and mix your multi-track audio so that each element is preserved. Professionals trained in recording technologies and who have developed an ear for good sound from many projects over many years will allow you to focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

We can record live events at businesses, municipal government, schools and private events. We also do multi-track recording of concerts. We can receive audio feeds from analog or digital mixers as well as from the network in the case of integrated A/V systems. We are also able to mic acoustic ensembles recording direct sound as well as room ambience.

We can record audio books, instructional recordings, radio ads, do overdubs for music projects and more. Our studio is equipped with the professional software and hardware needed to get the sound you’re looking for. The primary recording and production platforms available include ProTools, Sibelius, Cubase, Ozone, Reason, and Logic. We have an extensive array of samplers, synthesizers and plug-ins for sound processing and have high-quality tube outboard gear for adding warmth and musicality to tracks.

In the mixing phase we will give each instrument its own space so that everything can be heard. Attention will be given to level, clarity, loudness, tonality, and stereo image. We use a combination of analog and digital processing tools and most importantly, a trained ear to bring the track to life.

Once mixing is complete, the mastering phase begins. In the case of a single song, it will be treated for smoothness and balance of frequencies, allowing for proper bass response, high end shimmer, and defined mid-range. In addition, the track’s loudness will be optimized for the intended playback medium: Spotify, Pandora, a web page, CD, digital download, TV, film, etc. For a collection of songs, they will be treated in the ways mentioned above, but will also be balanced with respect to each other, in order to create a consistent listening experience.

This process mitigates problems stemming from poor room acoustics, low recording level, unexpected sounds, background noise, distortion, etc. We can also transfer old recording mediums —reel to reel tape, vinyl, cassette— to digital files and clean up the audio while carefully preserving it and the original medium.


Our A/V Consulting services will help you maximize the functionality and usability of your A/V systems and network, combining them into a value-added, efficient solution.

Today, A/V and IT technologies are merging. You can save money and reduce headaches by integrating audio and video technologies with your current IT infrastructure, and that’s where we come in. Applying technologies such as Audinate Dante, QSC Q-Sys, Midas and Yamaha mixers, Shure microphones, Panasonic cameras, a variety of video displays, and HP, Dell, or Meraki network switches, your business communications will be productive, clear, and engaging.

Digital cameras, microphones, mixers, speakers and related software can utilize your existing network to take advantage of its inherent scalability and high speed data distribution and storage. We’ll concurrently assess your A/V needs as well as your network and design a comprehensive system that will serve your needs now and into the future.

If you’re starting a Podcast, we can help you select the right equipment to get started, from microphones, to mixers to software. We’ll also let you know the best way to publish and archive your content.

A/V solutions for better communication & interaction

The advances in A/V technology are exciting and your daily communications as well as special event presentations will greatly benefit from an integrated system that is easier to use, more reliable, scalable and dependable.

Audio and video no longer have to be point-to-point, meaning a source is statically connected to one destination through purpose-built hardware and cabling. Today, you can change what source is connected to what destination as needed via software and deliver the audio and video over standard networking components. Nevertheless, there are important decisions to be made and network optimizations needed so the system works reliably and as you need it to.

We’ll answer such questions as:

• What are the best microphones, cameras, and speakers for my use case?
• Can my existing network handle the additions I require?
• How will my conferencing system accommodate these?
• What are the best ways to record, transmit, and store audio and video?
• Should I utilize the cloud for archiving data?
• How do I properly balance levels?

and many others.