How to organize and add metadata to your audio files, video files, and images for a flexible and efficient production pipeline

With today’s digital audio and video files we are capturing more media than ever before. When we return from a shoot we must transfer location media to a local storage system, create backups of that media, and start organizing all of the footage to bring into nonlinear editing software (NLE). While NLEs provide us with many useful tools for organizing media we are often jumping between apps, so locking all of your metadata inside of a particular app doesn’t allow for much flexibility.

In this episode of GET A GRIP we dive deep into the media management app Kyno and explore the many options to streamline your post-production pipeline, from ingest/import to adding loads of metadata, transcoding and rewrapping media, and transferring all of this useful information into an NLE, whether Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve or Premiere Pro.

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