Welcome to the Brand New ACE Enterprizes Website!

We are very happy to announce the launch of our brand new, fully optimized, user-friendly, beautiful website!

ACE Enterprizes Video Production Website

We have added a bit more color to our palette and incorporated it into a very sleek and modern design. The website is much more fun to navigate, has improved responsiveness, many more images, and you’ll find plenty of great information about video production and the many services we offer.

The Services page goes into much more detail about videography, video editing, motion design and original music, and we’ve expanded on the details of the production process.

The Portfolio page now features a category filter for quick filtering of related video content, as well as new descriptions for each category (animation, corporate videos, music videos, promotional videos, training videos, and web videos).

Our FREE Video Production Guide, designed to help you understand the video production process and confidently move forward with your video project, is still available on our Resources page. And our Project Brief has been upgraded to a proper web form! You no longer have to download a PDF, fill it out and send it back to us. Just fill out the simple form right on our website, click “Submit”, and we’ll start working on a Project Proposal for you. Over time we will be creating additional materials, including short video tutorials, and adding them to the Resources page.

This also happens to be the first entry of our new blog. The previous blog was far from optimal, and as such we did not spent a lot of time on it. Moving forward we plan to share a lot more information and provide more frequent updates.

We have lots of things planned for 2017, including new content for our clients as well as for video enthusiasts and industry professionals. Stay tuned!

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